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Hi! I'm Lauren, a Live Illustrator based in Warwickshire. I can be hired for weddings, private parties and corporate events, to illustrate either your guests or special details throughout the day.


I find the process of capturing life's beautiful moments in paint and ink so wonderful, and I also pleased to be able to offer this as a live painting service for your special celebration! I have a very limited amount of date openings for custom illustration, calligraphy and capturing wonder, and I would love to do this for you.


Live illustration for your event? Absolutely! 

Whether it be for a private occasion such as a wedding, a milestone birthday party or Baby shower, or if you are looking for something a little different for your Brand and Business event. I discreetly paint through your event to capture wonderful moments, perfectly imperfect conversations, fun poses with your loved ones and more. With three packages available and a completely bespoke pathway to suit your needs, I welcome the chance to catch up over zoom and a coffee to discuss your beautiful plans. 


If you'd like to enquire about live illustration for your special occasion, please have a look at the options below

and fill out the enquiry form to get in touch!


Live Illustrator in warwickshire

G U E S T    I L L U S T R A T I O N S 

4 hours - fit around your day

On site painting of guests  
guest take away- the perfect wedding favour!

Other time frames can be discussed too!

Beautiful personalised papers

scroll down to enquire for your event!

Live Illustration example

D E T A I L S,  I L L U S T R A T E D

4 hours - to fit around your day 

Discreetly capturing the details of your day that you have been

so carefully planning!

Bespoke art print and original illustrations provided 1 month

after your event.

scroll down to enquire for your event!

venue illustration in progress

I L L U S T R A T E   Y O U R   D A Y  

2 hours on the day live guest Illustrations


3 hours on the day + relevant studio time creating an A3 illustration of

a unique moment of your day, framed in oak with UV protective art glass.


provided 1 month after your event.

scroll down to enquire for your event!

Live illustration

B R A N D S   &   B U S I N E S S 

Perfect for Launch parties, corporate celebrations and events!


Live Illustration and Calligraphy can be the perfect accompaniment to your product launch, company celebration or bespoke event. Imagine all your guests illustrated in your new clothing line- awesome, right? Or perhaps calligraphy on your new product?


scroll down to enquire for your event!

live portraits for weddings3.jpg


For when your special event or idea doesn't quite fit the mould...

we make a new mould! This can look like a blend of two packages, illustration on to items, or something else entirely!

I welcome the chance to chat about your unique ideas,

please get in touch to work together! 

scroll down to enquire for your event!

FAQs - Answered

How will my guests know what to do for the Guest Illustration package?

I will provide a personalised sign showcasing how live Illustration works, your guests can watch the painting as it happens if they wish, and have a look at other people's portraits too. Standing and watching is not expected but definitely welcome. My assistant will take photos of your guests to create an album I can work from, in order to make the most of the time you have booked for. 

How many guest portraits can you create?

The amount of portraits I can complete per hour depends on a few things: 

1.  guest uptake

2. Details involved (detailed attire and props can require more time!)

3.  The layout of your portraits: head and shoulders and half portraits are completed quicker than full body portraits. I can complete 1 guest starting from 5 minutes, this timeframe is for my live illustration style in a blend of paint/ink/pencil.


I aim for 30-40 guests per 4 hour booking, with this figure depending on the above and logistics of the day. The priority is always- as many as possible!

Your guests can collect their paintings from the stand once they have finished drying. and any that aren't collected are sent to you after your wedding. 

Will you have time to illustrate all my guests?

I aim to illustrate as my guests as I can possibility fit in your time frame. It's always good to remember that just like photography, there will likely be guests who would prefer to observe rather than take part. You are welcome to add on studio time too for larger wedding guest lists, and I can illustrate after the event!

Does the guest illustrations package include an illustration of us?

Absolutely, I can prioritise time within your booking to capture the happy couple on your day, it's important you have a portrait too! If you have added studio time to your booking, I complete the newlyweds' portrait in this time to capture those intricate details. 

Do you cover my area?

I am based in Warwickshire but can travel to your event! I am so excited to say I have weddings booked in many different locations this year. There is a travel cost for venues outside a 20mile radius of CV37, and accommodation is required if your event is over 2 hours travel time each way.

Can we book you for a shorter/longer time?

For local weekday bookings, I can offer a smaller package. I can also increase timings and add studio time to your booking, as well as blend components from different packages to suit your event!

Do you have any more photos?

Absolutely! View the guest portrait example gallery here. 

What do you need to illustrate at our event?

I require an even surface and access to a plug socket if the room gets dark as the day unfolds. Due to our kit, roadside access/loading area is required when setting up and packing down for your event. If this isn't possible, surfaces and chairs may need to be provided by your venue.

Fill out the form below to receive my info brochure all about how Live Illustration can work for you. Pricing, package breakdown, optional add ons and details included! Please note that the pricing on the drop down list is f0r 2024 events, there is a different price for 2025 events.

Live Illustration at Coombe Abbey.JPG
live portraits at weddings and events
live fashion illustration.JPG

Enquire about Live Illustration
for your event!

Thanks so much!

Live illustration in progress
Live illustration
Live wedding guest painting
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