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Custom/Commissioned Design (including event stationery)


The terms and conditions below are in reference to Lauren Marie Studio, who are referred to as we, us or our in the policy. We reserve the right to make changes or amend these terms and conditions at any time. A full copy of these terms and conditions can be found at www.laurenmariestudio.co.uk



For custom orders, payment is to be made in by bank transfer, for which the details will be provided at the time of booking.


As standard, for custom orders which require printing a payment of 50% of the total fee is required at the time of booking to secure the artwork. Upon completion of the design, a watermarked jpg. will be shared with you for approval. Once approved, the remaining 50% of the total fee will be required. Once a receipt of the payment has been cleared, the final artwork will be sent to print. The design will not be sent to print unless full payment has been cleared.


For custom orders where no printing is required (hand painted pieces or digital items), the payment for this service is required in full at the time of booking. 

Without receipt of payment, your booking is not completed and the work on your design will not commence.

Items commissioned through my Etsy UK shop may be redirected to requesting a ‘custom order’, for which the payment will be required in full at the time of booking.


We ask you to supply us with all correct copy, wording and imagery you require for us to use, in order to complete our services. You must check that the content you provide to us is correct and accurate, we are not liable for any mistakes you make.


Approval of designs

When custom commissions are underway, we endeavour to share progress updates in the form of digital images on the design with you (if applicable).

 For custom wedding stationery, three(3) design mock ups are included in the price at the time of booking. Should you require any additional design mock-ups (or more than one(1) revision to a selected mock-up) a design charge of £20 per hour will be applicable.

Please bear in mind that colours viewed on a computer screen and in physical print format may differ slightly. If you require a printed sample of a design mock-up, this can be arranged for an additional cost (dependent on printing).


Refunds and cancellations for printed items:

Due to the nature of custom designs, once your design has commenced your 50% of the total fee paid at the time of booking becomes non refundable. If you choose to cancel your order after this point, your deposit is not refundable, no goods will be sent to you and you will not be required to pay the remainder of the bill. Once a design has been approved by you for print and the remainder of the bill payment has been cleared, if you choose to cancel your order, the full total is not refundable. This is due to your items being sent to print, and your order already completed.

Refunds and cancellations for items which are hand painted or digital:

Once payment has been received and the design stage has commenced, no refund will be given should you wish to cancel. 

Delivery of goods

The estimated processing time for your order will be confirmed with you at the time of booking. Should there be any changes to this time, for reasons outside of our control, we will notify you at the earliest possible time.


Faults to the physical product

On the rare occasion that a fault may occur, which can happen, we will endeavour to do everything possible to resolve your problem. Upon arrival of your goods, you have 24 hours to notify us of any faults with the design or finished product. A notification after this time may hinder you from receiving replacement goods in adequate time, and goods may be subject to closer examination before agreeing a replacement.


Faults to the design

Upon completion of your design, you are sent a watermarked jpg. image of your design. At this point we recommend having your design checked by three(3) persons to closely examine the design and confirm that it is correct.

Once the design has been approved and payment has been cleared, any faults within the design that you discover after this point become your responsibility, and a redesign and reprinting charge may apply.



We, Lauren Marie Studio, are not liable for any loss or damage to your product once it has been dispatched. We accept no responsibility for any faults or damages to goods should be deem this to have been intentional or created by ‘adjusting’ the product we have provided. We are not liable for any actions by third parties on our website.


Intellectual property

We remain the sole owner of all content and designs we create. All designs are covered by intellectual property and the copyright remains with us. When you purchase content or designs by us, you become of the owner of the physical product sold to you, but not the design nor license to reproduce this design. You agree that you will not reproduce, share, modify such artwork or sell for commercial profit or financial gain.


Digital designs

When purchasing a digital file of content or design by Lauren Marie Studio, you hereby agree not to reproduce, share, modify for any reason other than agreed at the time of purchase. You must not sell for commercial profit or financial gain or modify the design in question to remove any logo, signature or watermark that states it is our intellectual property.

Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.


Social Media Contests


Sometimes we may host giveaways or contests on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. These contests are not endorsed or affiliated by any social media platform. All entrants must be based in the UK. 


If you choose to enter any contest or giveaway by Lauren Marie Studio, you agree not to:


a) Create multiple accounts in order to enter the contest more than once. This could result in your accounts being suspended, and if you use multiple accounts to enter our contest, your entries will not be legible.  

b) Post multiple versions of the tweet and giveaway information (either identical or near duplicate). 

c) Add the associated hashtag (if applicable) to any tweets where this may be irrelevant. Thsi could lead to violation of Twitter rules and regulations.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

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