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The cutest to-do list planning templates you have ever seen!


Have you ever been so overwhelmed with your todo list that you don't know where to start? Or perhaps you have multiple to-do lists.. making it incredible hard to keep track of?

Planning on the go is a little luxury you can install in your life so easily, making your day to day run so much smoother!


My new digital to-do list template is a simple, no fuss template that allows you to check off your tasks one by one, feeling accomplished and focused in no time. With a great format for iPad and tablet use, simply install your to-do list into your favourite app, starting writing and checking off!


Personally, I love to use my list in procreate or GoodNotes, but you can use this template in any compatible program! And what's more, is that when you're done for the day, simply erase your notes and start again! This no-waste design is so super cute and super practical too.




-You will receive a gorgeous pink digital to-do list template for digital download, the template is A4 in size. No physical product will be shipped to you. 




1. Place your order

2. Download the template, this will be next to your order 

3. Import your template into your favourite app. 

And away you go!

Planning has never been easier, and it's so much cuter with a pretty template too. No more scribbles on scraps of paper or boring blank documents!




This to-do list template is excellent for making every day notes of what you need to get done. Whether you're a busy Mum, CEO of your own small biz, Student, or just a savvy tech enthusiast, I've got you covered!


You can check out the other designs in my store to mix and match your digital stationery. But once you download this one, it's yours to use forever!



- When you purchase this template, you may use for personal use only. Feel free to import into your favourite apps for personal use, but you must not distribute, share or sell the template. You are very welcome to print the template if paper planning is more your thing, but the same sharing and selling restrictions apply. 

- This template is editable in the form of note-taking only. You must not edit the design to alter the appearance/change the watermark, or otherwise claim the design is your own. 

- Digital downloads are non refundable, as they can't be returned! 


Happy planning lovelies! 



Hey! I'm Lauren, freelance Illustrator, Modern Calligrapher and Live event painter. I created these cute and functional planning documents to help you feel more in control of the day to day running of your life, after I found myself struggling myself! When I discovered the versatility of digital planning, I decided to design the templates I know helped me in my small biz, and everyday life too.

Digital To-Do list planner template // daily planner download

Excluding VAT
  • I agree I will not share, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or otherwise provide this template to anyone else. It Is for personal use only.

    I understand this is a digital download, no physical product will be sent to me.

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