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Recycled Papers wherever possible

Here at Lauren Marie Studio, recycled papers are number 1 choice for items like greeting cards, art prints and stationery. I regularly work with printing companies that offer these too.  I may occasionally source paper stocks that are not (watercolour paper, for example), but this is minimal and crucial to watercolour painting, so I try not to have more than I need and know will be used. Please ask me about any specific products and I'll try to answer in as much detail as I can. 

Vegan Inks and art supplies

In recent years we hear more about how adopting a plant-based lifestyle is so beneficial to the planet. By printed with vegan inks for all of the in-house stock, it cuts down on unnecessary animal deriatives in my work and keeping the compassion in the business values.

I also source, research and use vegan friendly tools and art supplies wherever possible! It’s nice to know that what you are receiving isn’t harmful in any way, especially when you can find so many gorgeous materials that are animal friendly.

Packing Plastic free where possible

Less plastic, fantastic. Whilst I know and recognise that plastics are necessary for certain things, I also know that the single-use kind really isn’t so. Since 2018, I adopted the naked card pledge and have never looked back! I send orders out in glassine, brown paper bags or tissue paper, and board backed envelopes, and so far damage remains a rare occurrence- not bad for 6 years! I also love paper tape where possible, recycled stickers and twine.

For wholesale orders, I love using reusable card-catch stickers and corn starch packing sleeves, too. I love prioritising recycled bubble wrap (or repurposed) and packing noodles and honeycomb wrap for all your lovely fragile orders, so very little goes to waste and it is rare that I have to use plastic!


We a carefully curated variety of designs on our Etsy store, who offset all the carbon emissions from sales made on their website. I applaud and full support this, what a great idea!


I welcome your advice on how I can do better to minimise my planet impact, please know I am always wanting to do my best. Feel free to get in touch if you have an idea that might make a sustainable change In my business.


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