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Terms and Conditions
for Live Illustration at corporate events


‘Live Illustration’ Refers to the act of illustrating, painting, drawing or calligraphy live at an event.  


‘Package’ or ‘Packages’ refers to the ‘Bespoke’ Package You wish to book for Live Illustration.


‘Booking’ or ‘Bookings’ Refers to a contract with Lauren Marie Studio for either ‘Guest Illustrations’ Package, ‘Details, Illustrated’ Package, ‘Illustrate Your Day’ Package or a ‘Bespoke’ Package, once the contractual paperwork has been signed and deposit amount received. 


‘Bespoke Commission’  or ‘Goods’ refers to the design or product that has been commissioned by You, the Client, and is designed and sold by Us, Lauren Marie Studio.

It is treated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions as a design exclusive for the Client’s event use as agreed at the time of Booking. 


The ‘Client’ is the buyer of Our Goods and services, referred to as ‘You’, ‘Your’ or ‘Client’ in this policy. 


‘Lauren Marie Studio’ provides the Goods and services subject to these Terms and Conditions, referred to as 'We', 'Us’, ‘Our’ or ‘Ourselves’ in this policy. 


‘Fee’ or ‘Payment’ is the Payment to be made for Live Illustration or Bespoke Commission.



Bookings and Packages


Each corporate Booking is treated as a ‘Bespoke’ Package, the details for each Booking will be provided in writing alongside the deposit invoice. 


Additional Hours


Additional hours cannot be added on to Your Live Illustration Booking unless agreed and paid prior to Your event. 


Location and Travel


We are based in Warwickshire and cover a 20 mile radius of CV37 at no additional travel cost. Bookings outside of this area will be charged travel costs at 50p per mile, and/or the cost of train fare/flights, tolls and charges if needed. 

Locations which involve more than 2 hours travel time from Our base will incur accommodation cost at £100 p/night, or the price of a hotel, whichever is greater. All accommodation will be booked by Us. 

The above costs are not included in any type of discount, competition, promotion, or sale. 



For Your Live Illustration Booking, Payment is to be made by bank transfer for which the details will be provided at the time of Your Booking.


To complete Your Booking, an initial deposit of £200 amount is required, this amount is taken off the final Payment. This deposit is non-refundable as this scheduled time is reserved for You and marked unavailable. 

Without receipt of Payment and signed terms and conditions, Your Booking is not complete and therefore non-existent. 


The remaining Fee is due no later than 30 days after the event.

If the Fee is not paid 60 days after the final payment is due, We reserve the right to seek legal advice to claim for any losses. 


Refunds and cancellations for Live Illustration and personalised items for the purpose of Live Illustration

Your £200 of the total Fee paid at the time of Your Booking becomes non-refundable after 14 days. If You choose to cancel Your Booking after this point, the deposit is not refundable, and You will not be required to pay the remainder of the Fee. This contract will be terminated, and We will not attend Your event.


In this instance, We will endeavour to fill Your reserved date with an alternative Booking and if We do so, You will receive a refund of Your Booking Fee amount, minus admin costs and costs of bespoke personalised items that are involved in Your Booking. Due to the short cancellation notice however, We cannot guarantee We will fill this space with an alternative Booking of the same value. 


Cancellation by the Client within 14 days of the event date, will result in the full Fee being paid by the Client to Us within 30 days of the scheduled event date. 


Postponement will act as a cancellation unless an agreement can be made in writing between Us (Lauren Marie Studio) and You (the Client). 


Minimum order quantities and costs


We operate on a minimum order basis. This means that You can increase Your Booking value, but not decrease it once Your deposit invoice has been agreed and the Fee paid to secure Your Booking with Us. 

Travel Delay


It is Our top priority to meet the timeframes of Your day and will put necessary measures in place to make sure We can attend Your Booking punctually without delay, and to fulfil Our contractual obligations. 


Should We experience any delay which affects Our arrival time to Your event, We will make alternative arrangements with You to fulfil Our contract (such as extending the Booking time), postpone the Booking to a time more suitable for You. Only as a final option, will We refund for the time lost. 




Should Your Booking be affected due to illness or injury on Our part, We will put necessary measures in place to make sure a Live Illustrator attends Your event. We will contact alternative suppliers first, suggest a time rearrangement, and if all solutions are exhausted, We will provide a full refund. 


Force Majeure


In the event of an unforeseeable situation defined as force majeure that renders it impossible for both parties to fulfil Our contractual obligations, We will write to You at the earliest opportunity to postpone Your Booking. In the event where We have exhausted opportunities to do this with no available postponement date, We reserve the right to terminate the contract. We strongly recommend that You invest in Insurance for adequate cover in this scenario where both parties are affected but not at fault.


Fair Treatment


For an approved outdoor Live Illustration Booking, should the conditions for Live Illustration outside become unsuitable, an alternative location for Live Illustration must be arranged inside the venue. This arrangement must be arranged prior to the event. 


We do not tolerate harassment, abuse or improper treatment towards Us, and reserve the right to remove Ourselves from the situation, including cancelling Your Booking, if We are subject to this. This will result in Us keeping the full Fee. 


Damage to tools or equipment


If Our tools or equipment are damaged by the Client or guests whilst We are attending Your event, an invoice for the damage will be issued following the event. If the above items are damaged by the Client or guests, We are not liable if this affects Our ability to complete Our contractual obligations on the day. 


Faults to the design

Please provide all wording in typed format for any personalised Live Illustration Goods. This wording must be checked by You, We are not liable for spelling errors and will copy straight from the typed document to minimise errors and keep to timeframes. We do not provide physical proofs of personalised papers, stamps, embossers, or other personalised aspects of Your Live Illustration materials, so please check this thoroughly. We recommend having 3 (three) parties check the information You provide to Us. 




We hold Public Liability Insurance. 

Lauren Marie Studio is not liable for injury or damage incurred by incorrect display or use of Our products by the Client. 


We are not liable for any actions by third parties on Our website.


Intellectual property

We remain the copyright owner of the content and designs We create. All designs are covered by intellectual property and the copyright remains with Us. When You purchase Goods by Us, You become of the owner of the physical product sold to You, but not the design nor license to reproduce this design. You agree that You will not reproduce, share, modify such artwork or sell for commercial profit or financial gain.


We may share the Live Illustrations and personalised Live Illustration materials that We create across Our website, social media, on public display of business or equivalent. We do not share designs which feature contact details or other sensitive data aside from the portrait illustration and first name. We will only share designs featuring surnames after receiving permission to do so in writing. We will not seek permission to share designs that feature first name only. 


Imagery taken during a Live Illustration Booking 


A contractor representing Us is authorised to capture photos using the contractor’s own device for the purpose of this Booking. All captured photos or videos will be shared with Lauren Marie Studio via Airdrop (or equivalent) for Booking and project documentation purposes. All photos will be deleted from the contractor’s device within 30 days but may be stored securely by Lauren Marie Studio for marketing purposes.  

We may take photos or video content of Live Illustration in action, We may share these images for Our marketing and portfolio purposes. We will always ask guests if they consent for Us to take a photo of them alongside the illustration, and they will be informed that this will be used for marketing purposes. 


Our full Privacy Policy can be found here:


By paying the Fee stated in the invoice, You agree to the Terms and Conditions stipulated in this contract. 



If any provision of this Contract is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.



This contract may be amended only by a written instrument signed by both parties. 

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