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Hi! I'm Lauren, it's really lovely to find you here.

I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer, taking inspiration from the beautiful outdoors, from life's special moments and finding the joy in everyday. I adore designing for the greeting card market, for home decor, for carefully curated gifts, and most importantly, my custom and bespoke work made especially for you.

To say that being eco friendly is at the heart of my business would be wrong. I not only used to think this, but genuinely believed it was just there, too. But actually, what is at the very heart of my business is my creativity.

Now this might sound like a downside if you are searching for someone who’s sustainable values align with yours, right? But really, eco-friendly isn’t just in the heart, it’s in the foundations. The roots, the values, and a big reason WHY. It’s where, for me, it starts and ends if it’s not viable for the planet.

Growing up, I adored papers and I had always imagined my own carefully curated banks of patterns and designs. These papers and patterns meant a lot to me. They were a way to express myself, which is truly what I believe stationery can do for people. So when it came to my sustainable values, I wanted it to be easy to find aesthetically pleasing paper goods that ticked that box. After what felt like forever searching, I realised it’s not easy at all!


So I decided to fill that gap.

I create products for the letter writers, the ‘just-one-more card shoppers’, the people who love to scrapbook, and anyone who loves to be creative with the environment in mind.

To say the words ‘eco-friendly’ and truly immerse yourself in it, is something else. It’s so easy to think that recycling is our bit for the planet, but it goes much further than that. If you’re interested in seeing what I do to give back to our planet, please do click through to the sustainability section here.

Whatever you are looking for here, whether it be a card or gift, insight into my creative process, or perhaps you'd like to chat about a special piece you have in mind- I hope you find what you are looking for here!

Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss creative ideas, I would love to hear from you!

Take care,



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