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What Live Illustration package? All you need to know for a live illustrator, for your event!

live illustration in action. a painting of 4 bridesmaids wearing red dresses is painted by a left hand holding a delicate paint brush.
Live Illustration for weddings

If you’re not entirely sure what live Illustration is, or you’re curious about how you can involve it in your wedding day or special event, then this is the blog to read. I'll talk you through all the details of my live Illustration packages, what I need to deliver the best service for you, and ultimately how we can work together!

I will number the sections in this blog for easy access, but feel free to read everything if you just want to know all that live Illustration has to offer.

  1. What is live Illustration?

  2. What makes my live Illustration different?

  3. Packages I offer

  4. What I need to give the best service possible

  5. How to book me

I. What is Live Illustration?

Live Illustration at your wedding or event is, in an essence, capturing part of your day in beautiful illustration. Just like a photographer, live Illustration aims to capture those moments you might miss, capture your guests on your day, provide beautiful memories to cherish, and can also be a talking point about your wedding day for years to come.

Not only can live Illustration do all of the above for you, it can also coincide with being wonderfully unique entertainment for your guests, a treasured keepsake, and also in lieu of wedding favours. These are the favours your guests will not be forgetting!

Live Illustration is a conscious investment for this reason, and just because it’s still considered ‘rare’, it’s really not to be overlooked. Your guests or special moments will be captured in paint, ink and pencil in the moment- something that you can’t capture after the day!

A left hand is painting a portrait of two wedding guests, the male is wearing a black suit and the female is wearing a pink dress. The illustrator paints on a wooden table with a palette of watercolours.
Live wedding paintings of guest portraits

2. What makes my live Illustration different?

For me, portraits are all about capturing energy, expression and the moment. I don’t shy away from facial details, in fact this is a huge part of my work! I also love to capture the energy and personality of your guests, so my paintings and illustrations flow on the page. There’s something so wonderful about working with watercolour that allows this! I am drawn to detail too, so even though I work fast, I won’t be skipping the small things that bring out personality.

Instead of just the one package, I offer a range of packages and optional add ons to ensure you get the most out of live Illustration. Bespoke cards, prints, extra Studio time and personalised watercolour paper can also be added on to your order.

3. What packages do I offer?

To make sure you’re staying truthful to your day and your values, I offer 3 packages and a bespoke plan.

Guest illustrations - I come to your venue and capture your guests in illustration for an evening. Your guests can take these unique illustrations home with them- a great alternative to wedding favours and entertainment all in one!

This package is great if you’d like some entertainment and favours combined, that are sure to be remembered!

Details, Illustrated- I attend your event and spent some time exploring to capture the details of your day. You’ve spent the money on them, why not cherish them! For a wedding I would look to capture elements like the way your flowers drape down your venue entrance, the twinkle of the table candles, the unique cake topper on your favourite flavour tier, bridesmaids bouquets etc. I’ll be super discreet but working away. After your event I combine all your beautiful details into a print and provide you with the originals too!

This package is great if you are a detail orientated couple, and you don’t want elements of your day to go unnoticed.

A female paints a beach scene featuring the sea and beach huts on a white desk, using a paint brush and a paint palette
Live illustration for weddings and events

Moments, Illustrated - much like a wedding photographer, I capture a moment in time through bright, whimsical, delicate paint. You tell me your chosen moment and I’ll paint on-site for 5 hours, and finish up in the studio. This could be your vowel exchange, your first dance, your cake cutting, or perhaps your venue decorated to celebrate your love!

This package is great if you want to see your day come to life on paper as it’s actually happening, whilst you’re busy having the best day getting married!

If the above packages are great but don’t tick all the boxes, I can work with you to build a bespoke plan that fits all your needs!

4. What I need to give the best service possible

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of your gorgeous illustrations, there are a few things I need to give the best service I can:

  • A table and two chairs (one for me, one for a guest in case they need to sit down during guest portraits)

  • Good lighting/access to power for me to set up good lighting.

  • Access to water for painting

  • A dry environment for watercolour painting

  • A Comfortable environment; just like anyone else, working in the cold really Isn’t ideal if I can’t feel my fingers. I do have a weather clause where I need to work indoors if it’s rainy, cold or windy, to ensure a high quality finished product of my time with you.

  • Breaks - I factor breaks in to my packages but I don’t include this in your paid time. This helps me to bring my best service for your day.

  • If you have a master of ceremonies, Toastmaster or super organised designated family member, ask them to inform your guests that there is live painting! This helps to make the most out of my services. guests can come to visit the live Illustration as they see fit. Like photographs, there are always people who will prefer observe rather than take part. If you have a list of people you definitely want included in portraits, this is a great direction for your master of ceremonies.

5. How to book me

A close up of a colourful watercolour paint palette used for live illustration for weddings and events.
Live Illustration for weddings and events

If you’re thinking I might be a good fit for your day, I’d absolutely love to chat to you!

You can drop me an email here:, or fill out the form here, and I’ll get back to you.

I love to get to know my couples and ensure I fully understand the needs of your day, so we can have a chat over zoom, or meet over coffee if you’re local to Warwickshire.

As a reminder I’m happy to travel to your wedding location too, so if you’re further afield but like what I do, please pop me a message!

Love and happy planning,

Lauren x


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