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What is, and why you should hire me, a Live Illustrator painter for your wedding or event

It's no secret that there are a variety of ways to bring a unique element to your wedding day. Every couples strives to make their day fun and enjoyable for everyone, right? Well what if I told you that you can do the above through the power of painting? Carry on reading if you're curious to find out how you can combine aspects of your day and create a truly unique experience for your loved ones.

Ok! Two words...


Yes you read it right! Live illustration, you can hire an on site Live Illustrator / painter to capture your guests in their beautiful attire, forgoing traditional favours and opting for something your guests will definitely not leave behind. A gorgeous option for your wedding or event to create a little personalised luxury.

So why should you hire a Live Illustrator?

Long gone are the days of traditional, one-way-is-the-only-way weddings, and we are so here for it! Your wedding should be a celebration of your own love in all its unique beauty, treasuring your relationship, your love for each other and the things you adore. So whether that's the colour pink, your furry friends attending, crazy golf at the reception or something like... you guessed it... Live Illustration! Live Illustration is a wonderful opportunity to capture details in tactile paper form, and can make the most lovely alternative guest book or take away gifts for your guests. This service is great for anyone who has fallen head over heels in love with the stationery aspect of their wedding.

I've never heard of a Live Illustrator before, how do I find one?

Well I'm here so share some lovely news in that you already have! I have a huge passion for bespoke design, sustainable materials and detail driven keepsakes. If this sounds like you, then you may have just found your match. I am a Live Illustrator that truly cares, so we can work together to create a package that fits all your wants and wishes, or you can choose a ready made package if you want an easier solution that is all set up for you.

So tell me more about what you do?

Let's get down to the lovely part!

I am a Live Illustrator who captures moments in a discreet way. I have a package for illustrating your guests, capturing your wedding details, and illustrating snippets of your wedding day. I can even turn the paintings into a beautiful book or print for you!

I pride myself of unique luxury across the board, so I can't help but add in optional extras such as your beautifully painted monogram, personalised wording on your paintings, a floral border to match your colour theme, etc! These are just examples of how the illustrations can be personalised to your day!

Some examples of the services I offer:

Painted Guest Portraits - I set up a space on the day and paint your lovely friends and family. They can take home the portraits!

Details, Illustrated - I discreetly capture all the wonderful tiny details of your day (that you have spent SO LONG curating via Pinterest- I see you!) like your wedding table flowers, your sweet cart, your ring box and jewellery, your cake, and capture them in paint and ink for years to come. I curate all these paintings into a beautiful print or book for you to treasure, so when those details are gone, you'll always have the memories and a beautiful image of how your vision came together on the day. Lovely for Romantics with a keen eye for design

Illustrate my day package - I capture a mixture of details, guests and special moments your day. This can be anything from speech reactions, your something blue, flowers from the garden surrounds, the view out the window of the reception room, your wedding shoes, your first dance, the list goes on!

This sounds great, how do I enquire?

Yay, well this makes my heart happy!

If you would like to find out more about my Live Illustration service, you can do so via the link here:

You can also contact me direct by filling out my enquiry form. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I hope you've found this blog useful for learning more about Live Illustration for weddings and events. It's such a wonderful unique option that's far from overused, and your guests can receive a hand painted portrait of themselves to take home. How lovely and a little bit luxury!

Speak soon!


Lauren x

Hands painting a beautiful beach scene. Live painter illustrator at work
Live Illustrator at work

Blog Summary:

Should you hire a Live Illustrator painter for your wedding and event? Book a Live on site artist to capture unique moments from your wedding day, party or special event. You'll receive paintings you can treasure for years, or forgo favours and allow your guests to take them home!


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